Interview Tips

It’s inevitable to feel a bit nervous before a job interview. Regardless of your extensive experience or qualifications for the position you are going after, fears can take hold. There are simple steps to maintain confidence and achieve the impression you would like to present in order to land what could be the job of your dreams.


1. Find two things on the company’s website.
Do your research! You already know to Google the company beforehand; go further  the mission statement and the target audience. This information can go a long way in showing your interviewer you understand the company and who the target demographic is. Also, social media can be a great tool to see the workplace culture, branding and overall company following.

2. Make a list about yourself.
List your strengths and weaknesses. Then, write down your short- and long-term goals.  “Knowing who you are and what you want will facilitate your ability to interview with confidence.

3. Phone a friend for a pretend interview.
Ask a friend or a family member to do a trial run with you. The point is to get comfortable with talking about yourself. “By practicing, you will be more confident with yourself and your answers, and much more likely to exude this confidence

4. Own your angst.
Instead of trying to suppress pre-interview anxiety, “make friends” with it. As soon as you purposefully acknowledge your nerves, you’re able to start managing them in a constructive way.

5. Plan to sell yourself like a product.
Assuming plenty of other people are applying for the job, have an answer ready for this question: Why should the company hire you over everyone else? “Know what makes you stand out from every other individual interviewing for the same position.

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